Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who's That Pokemon? - Part 4

Classy Bird Pokemon
-Normal/Flying Type-
Its social ranking in its flock depends on the length of the feathers on its head.

Steadfast Pokemon
-Fighting Type-
This Pokemon will practice punching for days on end. Once they have their mind set, they never give up.

Hairball Pokemon
-Ghost Type-
These Pokemon are wads of hair come to life. They can't use their hands for very long.

Gourmet Pokemon
-Ground/Dragon Type-
These Pokemon love to eat. They will stop at nothing to obtain even a scrap of a food they like.

Singing Dog Pokemon
-Normal/Psychic Type-
Groups of this Pokemon will join together and make music together. Humans and Pokemon alike enjoy these performances.


Ben Holm said...

These are awesome!

Charlotte said...


erica jones said...

adoraaabbleee stufffff!

Kari said...

I love how these are based on real that just in my head? You're wonderful

Jason Reicher said...

so coool!

Nicole Rojo-Vega said...

I pretty much agree with Charlotte. WHY SO GOOD D:<

more guessing!!
Classy Bird pkmn - Gabe. I'm sooo tempted to draw one with 'incredibly high social ranking.' wouldn't be too far from reality > u>

Steadfast pkmn - Rickyyyy!

Hairball pkmn - Portlynn ; u ;

Gourmet pkmn - Hannah :D

Singing Dog pkmn - Jeff Liu. the lips totally gave it away <3