Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who's That Pokemon? - Part 3

Thick Wool Pokemon
-Fire Type-
It's covered in a thick coat that keeps its internal temperature high. They can be found in dry climates.

Nap Pokemon
-Normal Type-
It will vigorously work for days at a time. It will sleep for a few hours only to work for longer next time. It can be found sleeping in strange places.

Strange Face Pokemon
-Ghost Type-
It can make a variety of strange faces to confuse opponents. If they look angry, chances are that it's actually completely calm.

Gangly Deer Pokemon
-Normal Type-
They use their exceptionally long eyelashes to grip leaves. The longer the eyelashes it has, the fatter it will be.

Pincushion Pokemon
-Steel Type-
Pairs will push long, sharp objects into each other. While it looks painful, it is actually beneficial to the Pokemon's health.


Charlotte said...

These are allll adorable.
I think Nap Pokemon and Gangly Deer Pokemon are some of my favorites, though.

Kari said...

That deer is gangly but gorgeous~

Tammy said...

i loooovvee thick wool pokemon!!!!

Emily Weeks said...

Oh my gosh I love the deer!!! These are all wonderful.

Tammy said...

i actually dont know who thick wool pokemon is

am i... pincushion pokemon???

Nicole Rojo-Vega said...

Thick Wool pkmn - Nelson xD

Nap pkmn - Jeff Rowe hahaha i like how you added the stray lock of hair!

Strange Face pkmn - Okay this has to be Toniko 'cause I dunno anyone else who makes strange intimidating faces at passersby. Gideon was runner-up

Gangly Deer pkmn - KARIII SO CUUUUTE

Pincushion pkmn - I was wondering if that was Tammy too??

Taylor Price said...

Hahah Karideer.