Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who's That Pokemon? - Part 2

Vegan Pokemon
-Grass Type-
They gladly share the fruit that grows on their backs with humans and other Pokemon. One bite is said to bring anybody happiness.

Cherub Pokemon
-Psychic Type-
It can often be found accidentally using the move Mean Look. It rarely actually means it, though.

Tall Bird Pokemon
They can be found in places where happy people gather. They lack true wings; instead their head feathers have evolved to help them fly.

Cave Rock Pokemon
-Rock Type-
This Pokemon will charge at cave walls with the power to knock over a tank. Nobody is sure why they do this.
Box Shark Pokemon
-Water Type-
The sensitive hairs on its face help it find prey in deep, dark water. It swims at a leisurely pace.


Sang Lee said...

I had no idea that this was referenced off of us until I saw the dario shark. I should've known as soon as I've seen the kari deer...

tricky tricky

Charlotte said...

Colin tricked me too with that shark! It's not lazy Dario who never contributes to this blog--Colin made pokemon for the people who actually draw stuff, haha.
It's Trevor! But you gotta admit, Dario & Trevor are kind of similar-looking, what with the beards and the hats and all.

Kari said...

Haha yeah Sang, you really should have known. Colin you clever devil you.

Nicole Rojo-Vega said...

Okay Imma guess more!!

Vegan pkmn - MEEEEE >:3 <3

Cherub pkmn - Taylor hahahaa

Tall bird pkmn - Hallie

Cave Rock pkmn - ...Frank?? :p

Box Shark pkmn - Trevor. you did the eyes perfect hahaha

Taylor Price said...

JUST SAW THIS NOW. You would make it a cherub type. Also I am naturally thrilled that it is a cat. Hahaha