Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who's That Pokemon? - Part 1

B-Boy Pokemon
-Electric Type-
It loves music, especially hip hop. Because many live in urban areas, they lead rather dangerous lives.

Sweaterwolf Pokemon
-Ice Type-
It is a wolf doll come to life. It make sweaters out of freshly fallen snow for camouflage.

Surprise Pokemon
-Poison Type-
It will run up to unsuspecting travelers and use its signature move, Grenade.

Disguise Pokemon
-Dark Type-
It likes to trick people into thinking it's something else by changing its appearance. It loves sweet things.

Tiny Bug Pokemon
-Bug Type-
It is one of the smallest known Pokemon. Many different color variations exist.


Charlotte said...

Ughhhh why are these all so excellent? And the descriptions that go with them--soooooo gooooooood.

Nicole Rojo-Vega said...

Coliiiinnn these are all too cool!!
Oh my gosh I'm gonna try to guess 'em all. I'm really stumped on some of them, though o n o like the surprise pokemon!?! hahahaa

B-Boy pkmn = Sang
Sweaterwolf pkmn = Emily
Surprise pkmn = ???
Disguise pkmn = Melissa :B
Tiny Bug pkmn = Erica???

Colin said...

Hahaha, the Tiny Bug Pokemon is Charlotte, the Surprise one is Erica!

Keep going!!

Tammy said...

colin.... you are too awesome!
lovelove <3

Ricky Cometa said...

hahaha sang and i are trying to figure these out at work, you're awesome colin!

Emily Weeks said...

Love this!