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Hide your Colins--it's Dario Week at doodlepoops!!!

Draw your favorite bearded hat-wearing chain-smoking Armenian by Wednesday, the 24th of August! And don't forget the body hair.

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<3 these guys
i've never drawn any musicians before, i kinda want to keep going and draw a few more o u o
(if i do i'll just edit this post)

if you've never heard animal collective before, do yourself a favor!

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Who's That Pokemon? - Part 4

Classy Bird Pokemon
-Normal/Flying Type-
Its social ranking in its flock depends on the length of the feathers on its head.

Steadfast Pokemon
-Fighting Type-
This Pokemon will practice punching for days on end. Once they have their mind set, they never give up.

Hairball Pokemon
-Ghost Type-
These Pokemon are wads of hair come to life. They can't use their hands for very long.

Gourmet Pokemon
-Ground/Dragon Type-
These Pokemon love to eat. They will stop at nothing to obtain even a scrap of a food they like.

Singing Dog Pokemon
-Normal/Psychic Type-
Groups of this Pokemon will join together and make music together. Humans and Pokemon alike enjoy these performances.

Who's That Pokemon? - Part 3

Thick Wool Pokemon
-Fire Type-
It's covered in a thick coat that keeps its internal temperature high. They can be found in dry climates.

Nap Pokemon
-Normal Type-
It will vigorously work for days at a time. It will sleep for a few hours only to work for longer next time. It can be found sleeping in strange places.

Strange Face Pokemon
-Ghost Type-
It can make a variety of strange faces to confuse opponents. If they look angry, chances are that it's actually completely calm.

Gangly Deer Pokemon
-Normal Type-
They use their exceptionally long eyelashes to grip leaves. The longer the eyelashes it has, the fatter it will be.

Pincushion Pokemon
-Steel Type-
Pairs will push long, sharp objects into each other. While it looks painful, it is actually beneficial to the Pokemon's health.

Who's That Pokemon? - Part 2

Vegan Pokemon
-Grass Type-
They gladly share the fruit that grows on their backs with humans and other Pokemon. One bite is said to bring anybody happiness.

Cherub Pokemon
-Psychic Type-
It can often be found accidentally using the move Mean Look. It rarely actually means it, though.

Tall Bird Pokemon
They can be found in places where happy people gather. They lack true wings; instead their head feathers have evolved to help them fly.

Cave Rock Pokemon
-Rock Type-
This Pokemon will charge at cave walls with the power to knock over a tank. Nobody is sure why they do this.
Box Shark Pokemon
-Water Type-
The sensitive hairs on its face help it find prey in deep, dark water. It swims at a leisurely pace.

Who's That Pokemon? - Part 1

B-Boy Pokemon
-Electric Type-
It loves music, especially hip hop. Because many live in urban areas, they lead rather dangerous lives.

Sweaterwolf Pokemon
-Ice Type-
It is a wolf doll come to life. It make sweaters out of freshly fallen snow for camouflage.

Surprise Pokemon
-Poison Type-
It will run up to unsuspecting travelers and use its signature move, Grenade.

Disguise Pokemon
-Dark Type-
It likes to trick people into thinking it's something else by changing its appearance. It loves sweet things.

Tiny Bug Pokemon
-Bug Type-
It is one of the smallest known Pokemon. Many different color variations exist.


One of my favorite movies, watch it if you haven't yet!