Thursday, June 30, 2011



1. Taylor and Portylnn
2. Louise and Michael
3. Colin and Erica
4. T and Trevor
5. Hallie and Amanda
6. Kari and Melissa
7. Nicky and Elyse
8. Charlotte and Tammy

THESE WERE COMPLETELY RANDOM. You got who you got, now go draw!
I guess I should give everyone a week, so, post by next Thursday (July 7th) please. :)

If you still want to take part and did not post in time, feel free to just...draw whoever I guess haha. Or draw a celebrity!


Tammy said...

o man.. there were already so many charlottes drawn everywhere on the cubes..

how can i top those drawings... they were too lovely

Toniko said...
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Emily Weeks said...

Can I join the doodlepoops??